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Make Man Industries started in the year April 1997 at Sriviliputhur by Mr. P.S. Sakthivel Nadar, and Mrs. S. Anandavalliammal, joint with Mr. A. Arulraj Nadar. They launch the first product Boyas-27 cockroach chalk.
Now the industry runs by Mr. S. Kamaraj., Managing Director Son of Mr. P.S. Sakthivelnadar, Now they produce different types of product in Boyas-27 like Rat chalk, Rat powder, Rat Pad, Flies Chalk, Cockroach vanisher.
They are selling these products all over Tamilnadu, Karnataka, kerala and Andhra.Boyas-27 available at all shops at most economical price.
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Make Man Industries heartily welcomes you,
 Founders Co - Founder
Mr. P.S. Sakthivel Nadar & Anandavalli Ammal Mr. A. Arul Raj Nadar
Make Man Industries is one of the leading and innovative manufacturers for Cockroach chalk, Cockroach vanisher, Rat chalk, Rat powder, Rat pad, Flies chalk, as the name as BOYAS-27 in Sriviliputhur, Tamilnadu. Boyas-27 gives power full action against Rat, Ant, Cockroach and Flies.
About Boyas 27
For the first time in India BOYAS-27 is available in new pouch pack
BOYAS - 27 is very economical
BOYAS - 27 starts the action within a seconds and the action will continue up to 24 hours
It available in all shops.
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